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How about career opportunities?
Can I bring my pets?
Can I afford to buy a house?
What about the schools? Are there good charter schools?
How do I manage the big move across the ocean?
Will I be able to find work?
What is the medical and doctor situation like?
What about being accepted in the Island culture?
What is the REAL cost of living?? 
Is the weather really always perfect?
And are there any issues I need to know about
that might make me NOT want to live in Hawaii?
Available in Print, Kindle and Nook!
The Big Island of Hawaii is bigger than all of the other
Islands combined. Much bigger! The incredible variety
of environments, from lush tropical rain forests to dry
moonscape-like deserts, with things you never imagined
in between! There are two 14,000 ft. mountains! There's none of the crush of Honolulu, and here you will find the last place in Hawaii where the Aloha Spirit is always alive and well. Hilo is a city of 40,000, most of whom call this Island their home. Hilo is home to the University (Hilo and Kailua-Kona), and a surprising array of high-tech and astonomy ventures, including the amazing Imiloa Astronomy Center. The Kona side of the Island is the "tourist side," and features all those picture-postcard perfect white sand beaches!



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